John Sublett, CTO, Tridium, Inc.

Tridium identified Tiger Team as a software development partner in late 2011 after several meetings with the Tiger Team management team and some of the development staff. As part of the vetting process, several Tiger Team developers attended Tridium’s AX Developer Certification class. All scored exceptionally well, demonstrating strong software development fundamentals and solid understanding of the Niagara AX Framework.

We are currently working with Tiger Team on one of our own projects and we have a few more projects in the pipeline. They are helping us build the next version of our metering gateway. That project includes some significant user interface development as well as some work manipulating the Niagara data model.

To date they have demonstrated comforting professionalism and transparency. They execute the Agile development process very well. We always know where our project stands, what is expected next, and what road blocks need to be cleared. Our experience as their customer has been great.

I am confident in their capability to get our work done. I have met with their managing partner, Kevin Ringham, many times and have always left feeling assured that they are the right partner for us. He consistently demonstrates that he and Tiger Team are acting in our best interest as a customer, while still being open and honest about where their own interests lie.

If our experience is any indication, I believe you will be happy with them as a development partner. If you would like to discuss our experience with them in any more detail, you are welcome to contact me directly as a reference.