Metering Gateway

Tridium, Inc. has a primary focus on refining and extending the Niagara Framework, its core offering.  The engineering department receives many more requests for customized implementations and solutions than they can fulfill, and has formed a relationship with Tiger Team as a means to be more responsive without increasing in-house staff.  As an investment in the relationship, TTC chose to train several of its talented Java developers, and is now able to provide highly skilled Niagara developer resources for strategic assignments both for Tridium itself and for Tridium customers.

Tridium engaged TTC to develop the follow-up release to their Energy Appliance 1.0 software, to be re-branded as the Metering Gateway.  The vision of the Metering Gateway was to tailor the Niagara framework to the segment of the building automation market that is focused on Energy Management.  The strengths of the Niagara framework are in networking smart devices such as energy sub-meters, data gathering and control of smart devices, and enterprise-level visualization and analysis of a network of devices.  By leveraging these strengths, the Metering Gateway facilitates energy management by providing additional notification, configuration, and visualization tools for the user and system integrator as follows:

  • Metering Gateway provides enhanced notification of alarm status by providing a configurable email mechanism for alerts, in addition to the standard console alarm status display
  • Metering Gateway components and modules are exposed in the Toolkit, which allows System Integrators to take advantage of the Device (Meter) Model created by the appliance in other parts of the integration, such as tying meters to load control, demand response drivers, etc.
  • Metering Gateway provides a customizable dashboard display where the user can choose from a set of analog gauges and graphs to display selected data point values for each meter.  This provides a status overview of the most important parts of the network at a glance.

The success of the Metering Gateway effort is best demonstrated by the fact that Tridium opted to share versions still in development with trusted customer representatives to obtain early feedback.

TTC has had the opportunity to share and recommend iterative development best practices to Tridium, by implementing an automated build and test environment that increases reliability while decreasing testing costs.  In turn, TTC staff members have developed an increased familiarity and fluency with the Niagara Framework, enabling Tiger Team to establish a Tridium-focused program and infrastructure that has already been leveraged on subsequent projects.