About Us

We aspire to be the best in our chosen areas of technical expertise.

Our Philosophy

Tiger Team Consulting aspires to be the best in our chosen areas of technical expertise, and to accomplish this by having a continual learning and improvement culture. We are very selective about staff coming in the door based on general aptitude, motivation, and communication and collaboration skills. Our goal is to solve client problems by focusing on execution, and to elevate the state of the (technical) art by spreading best practices throughout the company, to our clients, and community at large.

Whats in our name

The military coined the term “tiger team” to refer to a small, elite group of experts, assembled to complete a difficult mission in a short period of time. We’ve expanded on that concept to include a diverse range of software project scenarios, but bring that same can-do spirit to each new project.

We're Team Players

We believe that small, talented, collaborative teams are the most effective means to deliver software. Whether such teams tackle the entire project or serve as the core of larger teams, we achieve success by:

  • Providing clear communication and decision support
  • Accepting responsibility for project success
  • Leveraging and supporting each other to work efficiently and avoid pitfalls

In addition to being highly productive, by virtue of their size, small teams are more agile and adaptive to change. Even at the center of a large project, flexibility is key as core teams are able to respond quickly and provide direction to other team members.


Tiger Team was founded by senior software engineers who were interested in creating a company that attracted high-caliber IT specialists and provided quality software design and development services. Tiger Team’s management staff remains focused on these priorities and is available to assist with any needs or issues that you may have.

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Kevin Ringham


Starting in 1990, Kevin’s career path has included systems programming at NCR and AT&T, developing and architecting commercial software applications at AMS, assuming lead and project management roles on various independent contracts, and in 1997 led him to Tiger Team. Along the way, Kevin honed an eye for detail and the ability to see matters from a client’s perspective. Perhaps most importantly, he learned that it’s the people that make or break every effort. TTC has provided a platform into which Kevin can incorporate his affinity for staff development, entrepreneurial growth, and new technology. In addition to TTC management, Kevin continues to offer a combination of hands-on development and technical leadership to our clients. Kevin has a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

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Linda Grote

Business Development Director, Partner

Linda began her career doing software development, first at IBM Federal Systems and later at SRA International. After building significant subject matter expertise in financial services and securities trading, Linda went into product management at Mantas, Inc., which was later acquired by Oracle Financial Services.  While at Mantas, Linda discovered a preference for positions that leverage her technical background, problem solving capabilities, and creative thinking. In 2005, the search for a new role that combined all these skills brought her to Tiger Team. Linda has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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We are elite experts for difficult missions.

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