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Tiger Team Consulting is a highly valued subcontractor to many large and small business government primes.  As a consultant working in both the commercial and government spaces, TTC is able to instill the technical industry’s best practices and apply current technologies and techniques to create successful solutions.  We provide software development expertise and related IT services in support of many types of government initiatives and in varied technical environments. 

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As a small business that has worked as a government subcontractor for over 15 years, Tiger Team is well versed in departmental and agency processes and understands that reaching government project timeline and budget goals is challenging.  TTC technologists possess a unique blend of superior technical skills along with the ability to provide decision support, help ensure financial accountability, and proffer recommended ways to save time and money.

Tiger Team provided critical resources with both the technical expertise to help us implement an open, scalable, standards-based architecture as well as the knowledge to help us adopt Agile software development practices that met the requirements imposed by the FBI’s software project lifecycle processes.

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John R. Kneisler, Software Development Manager
FBI N-DEx Program
Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems

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