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While there is rarely a shortage of creative ideas and goals that a non-profit organization or association aims to achieve, there is often a shortage of resources (people, funds, time, infrastructure) to turn these ideas into plans of action and then execute them.  Depending on the size, nature and maturity of an organization, technology may or may not have been made a priority in the past, but in today’s world, success frequently depends highly upon it.

Tiger Team not only understands the constraints that non-profits face, but we also view these as a welcome challenge and, alongside our clients, we strive to make their goals reality.  We break daunting tasks down into achievable incremental steps with outcomes that each bring value.  We evaluate technical solutions, look for cost-effective software options and ensure that any money spent on software is spent wisely and that the tools when put in place, perform the functions required as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Tiger Team has experience with many open source platforms and solutions.  We have also integrated large member management packages offered by commercial vendors (e.g., Advanced Solutions International’s iMIS.)  We have helped organizations enhance the services they offer to their “customers”, be they donors, volunteers or members. We have provided services to redesign and modernize websites, to enable online event registration, donation, access to shared documents, purchase of training courses and educational materials and more.

Tiger Team provides good value, offering high quality, easy to work with technical staff at a reasonable price.

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