Agile Development

A mindset that puts focus on project outcome

Agility is more than a set of tools and processes.

Agility is more than a set of tools and processes; it is a mindset that puts focus on project outcomes and delivery right from the start.

Tiger Team strives to keep its clients on the leading edge of industry best practices and technologies and has been consistently advocating the benefits of iterative development, increased transparency and accountability for many years, even before the methods, tools and techniques now collected under the  “Agile”  banner were popularized.  Therefore, the principles of Agile and Lean weren’t recently heard about, studied and adopted by TTC.  Our knowledge and use of Agile practices like Scrum and Kanban are the result of our own ongoing discovery of what approach works the most effectively for us and produces the best outcomes for our clients.

Their use of Agile methodology provided me with complete visibility into the process, a continual awareness of progress, and the ability to identify and address issues promptly. Tiger Team delivered top quality software to us quickly and for less than the estimated cost.

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Jonathan Rodriguez, Senior Product Manager
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End-to-End Agile Project Delivery

Because Tiger Team’s “agility” has developed over time and is based on hands-on experience, we understand how and when it makes sense to apply which techniques.  Much of the mainstream Agile/Scrum advice is geared towards small, in-house, co-located teams developing relatively straightforward software products.  By contrast, Tiger Team has experience in the “real world” dealing with legal and contracting challenges posed by Agile, use of multiple vendors on a project, mixed vendor/client teams, and limited client experience with and buy-in to Agile development.

We encourage a prioritization of features that reduces risk and yields the biggest return and have practical experience with Scrum, Kanban, and XP, in support of Agile and Lean principles. The use of cross functional teams and continuous delivery achieves the quickness, productivity, speed, coordination, and cooperation needed to get the job done.  We find that the provision of continual feedback yields the level of client satisfaction that Tiger Team always strives to attain.

We work with a wide variety of Agile toolsets like Atlassian’s JIRA Agile, Rally, Version One, and XPlanner+.  Our continuous integration and delivery is realized through a tool chain that automates software builds and deployment, gives transparency into the software development process and may include Jenkins, Confluence/Continuum, Maven or Gradle, and SonarQube.

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