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In 2011, Tiger Team Consulting established a development partner relationship with Tridium, Inc.  As an investment, Tiger Team has trained several of its talented Java developers and formed a Niagara-centric building automation practice area. The partner arrangement has proven mutually beneficial: Tridium is now able to accelerate time-to-market on key product features and offerings and be more responsive to client customization inquiries.  Tiger Team is able to leverage its Tridium relationship and Niagara experience to execute strategic assignments within Tridium itself as well as for Tridium customers.

I am confident in their capability to get our work done. I have met with their managing partner, Kevin Ringham, many times and have always left feeling assured that they are the right partner for us. He consistently demonstrates that he and Tiger Team are acting in our best interest as a customer, while still being open and honest about where their own interests lie.

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John Sublett, CTO
Tridium, Inc.

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